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Job Description and Minimum Requirements 

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Bus Driver, Transportation, Substitute
Employment Type:Substitute
Hours Per Week:As Needed
Location:Thief River Falls, MN - Transportation
Spanish Bilingual Skill:Not Required
Hiring Supervisor Email:Randy.Berhow@tvoc.org
Job Description:
The Bus Driver position has primary responsibility for the safety of passengers transported by the Tri-Valley Heartland Express Bus. The Bus Driver position has considerable contact and interaction with the public, requiring exceptional positive and professional customer service skills. Other duties include but are not limited to inspecting and maintaining the safety and cleanliness of the bus, applicable paperwork, marketing program services, answering customer questions and collecting fares.

Daily Operations
1. Positively and professionally represents Tri-Valley Heartland Express and Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc., showing respect and appreciation to clients and the general public.
2. Acts as a positive and professional role model for peers; working as a team to help each other learn and succeed. Is respectful of co-workers; appreciating their contribution to the success of daily operations and Transportation programs overall.
3. Mentors substitute and new drivers; training and assisting with daily and monthly forms.
4. Safely transports passengers to their destination; maintaining specified routes and destinations as scheduled. Adheres to passenger pick-ups and drop-offs as closely as possible.
5. Safely operates the wheelchair lift as needed; properly securing passengers in wheelchair securement area, as trained.
6. Safely assists ambulatory passengers with walkers or folding carts on and off the bus as needed.
7. Assists passengers with up to three shopping bags or items, on and off the bus as needed.
8. Advises all passengers to be seated and use seatbelts provided.
9. Respectfully enforces passenger policies, maintaining a safe and positive environment.
10. Effectively operates the communication equipment, maintaining positive, respectful, and appropriate communication at all times.
11. Immediately reports delays of any kind to the Route Coordinator or designee to adapt route and/or communication with customers as appropriate.
12. Completes records and reports on a daily and monthly basis, as required.
13. Completes training, paperwork and attends meetings as requested by supervisor.

Public Relations and Marketing
1. Performs public relations and marketing duties to increase ridership and public awareness.
2. Responsible for depositing fare boxes, weekly, at designated drop spots.
3. Sells tickets and collects fees

Safety - Compliance
1. Remains alert and focused on driving at all times; is aware of potential weather and/or driving conditions that may affect the safety of passengers and route schedule.
2. Performs Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Vehicle Safety Inspections according to checklist before each starting route and again when route is finished. Promptly reports vehicle problems to the Transportation Fleet Maintenance Coordinator and/or Transportation Fleet Supervisor.
3. Immediately reports vehicle accidents, regardless of damage, break downs, and passenger accident/incidents to the Transit Program Coordinator, Transportation Fleet Maintenance Coordinator, and Transit Route Coordinator to minimize disruption to scheduled services.
4. Immediately reports employee injuries of any kind to Transportation Program Coordinator and completes a workers compensation accident report form as soon as possible, no later than the end of the shift.
5. Participates in mandatory Drug and Alcohol training; complies with required and requested testing. Ensures vehicle is in compliance with MN/DOT regulations in regard to having a fire extinguisher, spill kit, first aid kit, flashlight and securements in addition to the pre/post trip inspection. Is aware of safety equipment on bus and responsible to safely use as needed. Immediately reports the need to replace missing or inoperable items to the Transportation Fleet Maintenance Coordinator as needed.
6. Complies with traffic laws and regulations.
7. Complies with CDL requirements and regulations.
8. Safely performs Tri-Valley Transportation Driver Certification criteria to maintain employment
Minimum Requirements:
1. Valid Commercial Driver’s License with Passenger Endorsement; upon hire and maintain thereafter.
2. Current Medical Examination Card; upon hire and maintain thereafter.
3. Minimum age of 21 years, if required to drive bus across state line.
4. Pass pre-employment drug/alcohol screening and background search requirements as listed on Conditional Job Offer; upon hire and continuously meet requirements thereafter. Participate in subsequent drug/alcohol testing and background searches as appropriate.
5. Pass Tri-Valley Transportation Driver Certification training and observation provided upon hire; must pass to continue employment.
6. Proof of current personal vehicle insurance.
Benefit Package: