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Job Description and Minimum Requirements 

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Bus Monitor, Seasonal
Employment Type:Seasonal
Hours Per Week:Multiple schedules available: FT, PT, Substitute
Location:Elgin, MN - Head Start
Spanish Bilingual Skill:Preferred (Not Required)
Hiring Supervisor Email:sylvia.gonzalez@tvoc.org
Job Description:
The Bus Monitor is responsible for assisting other transportation staff in the overall safety, care, and development of the young children entrusted to them. The Bus Monitor responds to the personal care and emotional needs of individual children. The Bus Monitor is also responsible for the safe, comfortable transportation of each child and the transfer of information and goods between the family and the program center. The Bus Monitor supervises the safe behavior of all children on the bus, maintains the cleanliness of the bus, and maintains the necessary supplies and information to fulfill responsibilities. Helps recruit potential parents by providing information to them about the various program services and benefits offered to enrolled children and families.

Safety, Sanitation and Maintenance
1. Complies with safety, sanitation, and other guidelines for serving enrolled children (i.e. Childcare Licensing Standards, Head Start Performance Standards, and Tri-Valley policies).
2. Assures that children are dressed appropriately for the weather and type of play in which they are engaged.
3. Assures that all children are properly fastened into a secured child restraint seat that is labeled and adjusted for the child.
4. Models and encourages appropriate health and safety habits.
5. Provides a comfortable atmosphere, which prevents disruptive, unsafe behavior.
6. Assists the child on and off the bus, and to and from his/her seat as needed.
7. Releases young children into the care of their parent or guardian designated by the parent according to program policy.
8. Administers First Aid and/or CPR when necessary.
9. Maintains adequately supplied First Aid and Biohazard kits.
10. Is knowledgeable of and complies with approved procedures for various emergency situations.
11. Reports all incidents and completes incident reports as needed to the Center Director. Informs the nurse and the parents of any injuries.
12. Maintains a bus that is clean and well supplied according to transportation procedures.
13. Assures that children are supervised at all times.
14. Maintains, cleans, and disinfects child restraint seats.
15. Assists in the cleaning of the vehicle’s interior as needed.
16. Properly installs and removes child restraint seats as needed.
17. Maintains an inventory of all child restraint systems and belts, updates this inventory at the end of the program.

Information and Communication
1. Organizes and maintains Bus Communication Binder, ensuring that all bus and center information is accurate and up to date.
2. Maintains a current record of the route and the children who are to be picked up and dropped off at each stop.
3. Maintains route attendance and assures that all children are off the bus at the end of each route.
4. Assures the transfer of information, supplies, and medication between home and center.

Schedules, Plans and Transitions
1. Assists the Center Manager and bus driver in developing a bus route that, when possible, remains within a one hour time frame.
2. Provides predictable routines to help children gain a sense of security.

1. Provides consistent care to the children.
2. Assists teaching staff in the maintenance and documentation of communication with families.
3. Respect children’s individual differences.

1. Assists in providing an environment that encourages verbal interaction.
2. Promotes interactions with other children, encouraging use of words.
3. Encourages expression of feelings.
4. Engages in conversation in child’s language of choice as much as possible.

1. Encourages problem solving.
2. Provides opportunities for children to become self-assertive.
3. Provides opportunities for children to develop self-help skills.
4. Sets reasonable and appropriate limits and rules for the bus and explains why.
5. Informs, reminds, and assists children in learning appropriate behavior.

1. Provides opportunities for children to solve problems on their own.
2. Uses daily routines to help children master skills and feel competent.
3. Supports and encourages children’s natural curiosity about people and objects in their world.
4. Provides secure relationships.
5. Spends individual time with each child every day.
Minimum Requirements:
1. Must be at least 18 years of age; or have a high school diploma or GED, and be turning 18 by the end of August of the current year.
2. Excellent communication skills, verbally and in writing.
3. Must enjoy and respect young children and their families.
Benefit Package: