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Job Description and Minimum Requirements 

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Center Manager I
Employment Type:9 Month, Winter Layoff
Hours Per Week:40
Location:Worthington, MN - Head Start
Spanish Bilingual Skill:Preferred (Not Required)
Hiring Supervisor Email:stacy.wachsmuth@tvoc.org
Job Description:

The Center Manager leads, manages and coordinates the development of program options for the local service area, which may include Region V, XII, and Early Head Start programs as well as Childcare/Early Childhood collaborations, to assure quality services for children and families which comply with Head Start Performance Standards, state regulations and Tri-Valley policies.  The Center Manager assures integrated services from all local teams and/or agencies as well as support services.  The Center Manager is Tri-Valley’s legal representative for all center activities and services, which are funded through the corporation.  The Center Manager ensures that all center staff is adequately supervised.  Helps recruit potential parents by providing information to them about the various program services and benefits offered to enrolled children and families.



  1. Manages center fund systems effectively, utilizing the budget as a management tool.
  2. Oversees purchasing and procurement for the Center and assures an accurate, current and secure center inventory.
  3. Assures that fiscal procedures follow Tri-Valley guidelines and that forms/reports are completed and submitted in an accurate and timely manner.


  1. Assures systems for recruitment, hiring and retention of center personnel, which plan for staff and parent involvement.
  2. Assures that immediate supervisors complete performance appraisals with input from other appropriate sources.
  3. Designates lead staff members with general responsibility for disabilities, parent involvement, and transportation and other areas as needed, specifying expectations and outcomes.
  4. Coordinates job assignments, orientation and on-going training for Center personnel needs.
  5. Coordinates work schedules (breaks, lunch, planning) and staffing needs.
  6. Promotes positive staff relations and mediates conflicts.
  7. Assures the personnel paperwork is completed in an accurate and timely manner.
  8. Assures all required training is completed.


  1. Assists with food service program so the child’s needs and program regulations are met.
  2. Assures that transportation services and staffing provide for child safety and meet program regulations.
  3. Arranges for custodial services which meet child and program needs.
  4. Assures that suspected child abuse/neglect reports are confidential and comply with legal and agency procedures.
  5. Coordinates with the headquarters office and local agencies to assure referrals and follow-through for unmet needs.
  6. Assures the effective transition for children and families coming into and leaving the Head Start program.
  7. Ensures up-to-date and accurate inventory is maintained.
  8. Ensures requested reports, files and other documentation is provided to as requested.


  1. Assures day-to-day communication and cooperation among personnel.
  2. Directs and plans for integrated services by involving all staff in maintaining up-to-date knowledge about service delivery.
  3. Develops procedures for assuring program and family communication, which include Staffing and Family Progress and Planning meetings.
  4. Coordinates integrated activities and services such as registration, parent meetings, food service, transportation, etc.
  5. Coordinates center communication to ensure that parents are informed and involved in program policies and activities.
  6. Coordinates with partner programs such as Title 1 Migrant Education and other agencies.
  7. Assures that program maintains files and records on provided services as directed.
  8. Ensures the coordination of families and children needing special services due to special needs.
  9. Determines, conducts and/or coordinates training and technical assistance for staff and parents.
  10. Maintains a resource library for training purposes.
  11. Maintains current staff training records.
  12. Coordinates effective communication with the non-Head Start programs/personnel sharing the facility.

Supervisor and Leadership                                   

  1. Ensures quality services are provided by their staff; provides comprehensive training on duties, responsibilities and expectations of the position; offering continued support, guidance and resources as needed to be successful.
  2. Monitors staff performance, providing positive and negative feedback in a timely manner. Conducts annual performance appraisals, supports staff in defining and meeting goals and professional development needs.
  3. Addresses performance concerns in a timely manner, holding staff accountable for their actions. Offers constructive feedback, clear expectations, and necessary support to promote a positive outcome. Seeks assistance from management and the Human Resources Director as needed to ensure staff are given sufficient support in meeting the expectations of their position.
  4. Communicates and enforces the expectation of a professional and positive work environment, treating everyone with respect.
  5. Leading by example, energizes and encourages staff to commit to excellence; empowering them to succeed, making each day a positive experience for themselves and others.
  6. Provides solid, unified, positive leadership for staff in times of challenge or change; displaying support and confidence, adapting priorities and focus as needed.
  7. Effectively plans short- and long-term goals for success; personally, and for the work group.
  8. Effectively manages multiple projects, commitments, and the work produced by staff; ensuring deadlines are met and quality of work meets expectations.
  9. Ensures a safe, positive and productive work environment is provided to staff.
Minimum Requirements:
  1. Associate degree or 2 years equivalent experience in early childhood education, public or community health, social work, management or another field directly related to the responsibilities of the position.
  2. One-year experience supervising two or more staff.
  3. One-year experience promoting adult learning.
  4. One-year experience working in a leadership or management position.
  5. Excellent communication skills, verbal and written.
  6. Proof of valid driver’s license and current/adequate vehicle insurance coverage.

*Applicants that can demonstrate ability to otherwise successfully perform Essential Functions and Responsibilities of the position without meeting Minimum Requirements of the position may be considered

Benefit Package:
Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Flexible Spending Account
Voluntary Life
Sick/Vacation Accrual and Paid Holidays
Employee Assistance Program