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Job Description and Minimum Requirements 

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Bus Driver, Head Start, Seasonal
Employment Type:Seasonal
Hours Per Week:20
Location:Glencoe, MN - Head Start
Spanish Bilingual Skill:Not Required
Hiring Supervisor Email:stephanie.bandas@tvoc.org
Job Description:

The Bus Driver is responsible for ensuring the safe transportation of children to and from the Head Start center with the assistance of the Bus Monitor. The Bus Driver is responsible to ensure the bus is safe to drive. The Bus Driver is responsible for ensuring buses are checked at the end of each run to assure no children are left on the bus.  Helps recruit potential parents by providing information to them about the various program services and benefits offered to enrolled children and families.


Safe Transportation

  1. Ensures that all children/adults are in approved safety equipment (i.e. car seats, STAR Systems, or seat belts) while riding in the bus.
  2. Remains alert and focused on driving at all times; is aware of potential weather and/or driving conditions that may affect the safety of the passengers.
  3. Plans and carries out emergency procedures.
  4. Releases young children into the care of their parent or guardian designated by the parent according to program policy.
  5. Practices evacuation drills as directed.
  6. Ensures children are safely picked up, transported and dropped off, utilizing a fixed route and pick-up points, according to program policy.
  7. Immediately reports vehicle accidents, regardless of damage, breakdowns, and passenger accidents/incidents to the Center Manager.
  8. Complies with traffic laws and regulations.
  9. Complies with CDL requirements and regulations.

Bus Maintenance

  1. Maintains appropriate care of the bus (oil change, lube, tune ups, etc.).
  2. Maintains bus in clean and good working condition.
  3. Completes a thorough pre and post-trip inspection of the bus.
  4. Completes and maintains Bus Binder with all updated forms.
  5. Informs Center Manager of any major service work needed.
  6. Maintains inventory of all material and/or equipment, located on the bus, and in SharePoint.
  7. Ensures bus complies with MN DOT regulations in regards to having a fire extinguisher, biohazard kit, flashlight and proper securements.

Communication and Training

  1. Assists in preparing fixed routes, schedules, and updates as needed.
  2. Participates in parent registration, meetings, etc. as requested or required.
  3. Provides ongoing contact with families and assists in the exchange of information between parents and center staff.
  4. Completes and returns required paperwork to the office/Center Manager in a timely manner.
  5. Provides orientation to children and adults, who will be riding bus, on proper transportation practices, policies, and required processes.
  6. Receives classroom and behind the wheel instruction as required by Head Start Performance Standards.
  7. Participates in Child and Restraint Systems training as needed.
  8. Receives Tri-Valley Transportation training.
  9. Participates in On-Board Evaluation/Observation of road performance, including Appendix A, B, D and E from the Minnesota State Patrol.
  10. Participates in all other required trainings for the position.
  11. Attends meetings, trainings, professional development opportunities for the purpose of maintaining skills and meeting requirements.
Minimum Requirements:
  1. Valid Commercial Driver’s License with School Bus and Passenger Endorsement upon hire.Then maintained thereafter, if driving a school bus or an alternative vehicle.
  2. Current Medical Examination card, upon hire and maintained thereafter.Exam must be performed by a licensed doctor of medicine or osteopathy, establishing that the individual possesses the physical ability to perform any job-related functions with any necessary accommodations.
  3. Pre-employment drug screening must have negative results.Must participate in subsequent drug/alcohol testing and background searches as appropriate.
  4. Minimum age of 21 years if required to drive bus across state line.
  5. Disclose all moving traffic violations, regardless of penalty.Also, upon conviction of any moving violation by any state or local jurisdiction, must notify Tri-Valley, in writing, within 30 days of such conviction.
  6. Notify Tri-Valley, in writing, of any suspension, revocation, cancellation, loss of privilege, or disqualification before end of the business day following the day you received notice of suspension, revocation, cancellation, loss of privilege, or disqualification.
  7. Pass driving record check.
  8. Pass On-Board Evaluation, including Appendix A, B, D, and E from the Minnesota State Patrol, upon hire; must pass to continue employment.
  9. Proof of current personal vehicle insurance.
  10. Excellent communication skills, verbal and written.
  11. Enjoy and respect young children and their families.
  12. Familiar with the ethnic backgrounds and heritages of the families that we serve.
Benefit Package: