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Job Description and Minimum Requirements 

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Education Supervisor
Employment Type:10 Month, Winter Layoff
Hours Per Week:40
Location:Grafton, ND - Head Start
Spanish Bilingual Skill:Preferred (Not Required)
Hiring Supervisor Email:sylvia.rivera@tvoc.org
Job Description:
The Education Supervisor is responsible for assisting, supporting and monitoring effective early childhood education and disabilities services. Assists center manager in planning and implementing services and systems and provides resources, training and technical assistance. Ensures compliance with federal, state, professional and program standards for early childhood education and disabilities services. The Education Supervisor focuses on the “on-the-job guidance and training” for classroom staff to support center excellence. Provides backup coverage for teaching staff as needed. Helps recruit potential parents by providing information to them about the various program services and benefits offered to enrolled children and families.

1. Effectively recruits, hires and supervises classroom staff.
2. Coordinates work schedules (breaks, lunch, planning) and classroom staffing needs for classroom staff.
3. Promotes positive staff relations and mediates conflicts.
4. Assures the personnel paperwork for classroom staff is completed in an accurate and timely manner.
5. Assures all required training is completed for classroom staff.

Systems and Services
1. Contributes to developing effective systems for service delivery, documentation, monitoring and reporting.
2. Reviews documentation, evaluates site performance and ensures completion of Child Plus and Teaching Strategies GOLD data collection, provides feedback to classrooms and makes recommendations for improvements.
3. Develops problem-solving strategies for the operation and improvement of classroom operation.
4. Assists in the coordination, planning and evaluation of education and curriculum goals.

Leadership, Monitoring and Evaluation
1. Observes, monitors, and documents compliance with federal, state and program requirements and progress towards program goals including classroom environment, curriculum, safety, education and disability services.
2. Reviews education and disability screenings to assure completion in a timely manner, proper documentation and identification of any need to further evaluate and/or intervention.
3. Observes, monitors and documents children in classrooms in order to support teaching staff in responding to individual needs an individual educational plans.
4. Provides technical assistance through regular visits to classrooms to assure compliance with federal, state and program requirements/goals and responds to the needs of each child and his/her family in a timely, respectful and supportive manner.
5. Assures classroom education files and records are accurate and up-to-date.
6. Assures that classroom staff recognizes the primary role of the parent/guardian and involves parents/guardians and families in services provided for their children.
7. Assures that classroom staff respond to the needs of each child and family in a timely, respectful and supportive manner.
8. Provides leadership to and supports the coaching strategies as needed. This includes yet is not limited to on the job guidance and training for classroom staff; ensuring classroom staff are implementing effective strategies and support to children’s learning.
9. Monitors and supports curriculum, education and disabilities systems and services.
10. Assists, supports, and monitors Child Development Associate (CDA) completion.

Disabilities Services
1. Serves as disability lead at the center.
2. Contributes to the development of effective services for children with suspected or diagnosed disabilities.
3. Assists in recommending and arranging needed services, staff and adaptive materials/equipment not provided by LEA’s.
4. Reviews information collected of children with identified concerns and completes observations as requested.
5. Ensures completion of reports on status of identifying special needs and providing services.
6. Supports effective transition for children and families coming into and learning the program in regards to education/disability services by providing, training, resources and support.

1. Utilizes effective communication skills – building trust and confidentiality, careful listening and asking questions to achieve clarity.
2. Facilitates effective communication, problem solving, planning, cooperation, and follow through among teaching staff.
3. Assist teaching staff in finding solutions when problems arise by defining the problem and selecting strategies for remedying the situation.
4. Models effective approaches and encourage positive change through reflective practice in a supportive and caring environment.
5. Directs and plans for integrated services by involving all staff in maintaining up-to-date knowledge about service delivery.

1. Determines, conducts and/or coordinates training and technical assistance for classroom staff.
2. Provides group, pre-service, in-service and post-service training and presentation as necessary related the area of education and disabilities.
3. Provides teaching staff with individual feedback and modeling to maximize high quality services and effective skills and performance.
4. Responds to short-term and long-term staff training needs including recommendations for professional development to improve qualifications and performance.
5. Coordinates programming activities designed to support adult learning.
6. Assist in coordinating and planning professional development opportunities.
7. Provides information, training and materials to staff as needed to implement training.
8. Provides ongoing assistance and support to staff in order to enhance effective program operations.

Supervision and Leadership
1. Ensures quality services are provided by their staff; provides comprehensive training on duties, responsibilities and expectations of the position; offering continued support, guidance and resources as needed to be successful.
2. Monitors staff performance, providing feedback in a timely manner. Conducts annual performance appraisals, supports staff in defining and meeting goals and professional development needs.
3. Addresses performance concerns in a timely manner, holding staff accountable for their actions. Offers constructive feedback, clear expectations, and necessary support to promote a positive outcome. Seeks assistance from management and the Human Resources Director as needed to ensure staff are given sufficient support in meeting the expectations of their position.
4. Communicates and enforces the expectation of a professional and positive work environment, treating everyone with respect.
5. Leading by example, energizes and encourages staff to commit to excellence; empowering them to succeed, making each day a positive experience for themselves and others.
6. Provides solid, unified, positive leadership for staff in times of challenge or change; displaying support and confidence, adapting priorities and focus as needed.
7. Effectively plans short and long term goals for success; personally and for the work group.
8. Effectively manages multiple projects, commitments, and the work produced by staff; ensuring deadlines are met and quality of work meets expectations.
9. Ensures a safe, positive and productive work environment is provided to staff.
Minimum Requirements:
1. Baccalaureate Degree in Early Childhood related field and acceptable coursework relating to Early Childhood Education with experience teaching infants, toddlers, or preschool age children, as defined by Head Start Performance Standards, or Associate degree in Child Development or Early Childhood Education with acceptable experience teaching infants, toddlers, or preschool age children, as defined by Head Start Performance Standards.
2. Demonstrated competency to provide effective and nurturing teacher-child interactions; plan and implement learning experiences that ensure effective curriculum implementation and use of assessment and promote children’s progress across program standards.
3. Comfortable working with computers, willing and able to learn program specific systems as needed for position.
4. One year experience working in a leadership or management position supervising others.
5. Excellent communication skills, verbal and written.
6. Proof of valid driver’s license and current vehicle insurance coverage.
Benefit Package:
Health Insurance
Dental Insurance 
Vision Insurance 
Flexible Spending Account
Supplemental Life 
Sick/Vacation Accrual, and Paid Holidays  
Employee Assistance Program