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Job Description and Minimum Requirements 

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Recruiter, Seasonal
Employment Type:Seasonal
Hours Per Week:40
Location:Multiple Locations, MN - Contact Hiring Manager
Spanish Bilingual Skill:Required
Hiring Supervisor Email:claudia.mladek@tvoc.org
Job Description:


The Recruiter, at the local level, is responsible for the identification and recruitment of children and families in the Title I Migrant Education Program. The Recruiter assists as needed in assuring program goals, recruitment, and eligibility are met and that practices comply with Head Start and Migrant Education Program Performance Standards, Every Student Succeeds Act regulation, and other applicable regulations, standards and program components. Collects minimum data elements (MDEs) that are required to enroll eligible children/youth in MIS2000, the database used by the Minnesota MEP that enables a child’s health and education records to be transferred among school districts and states via MIS2000 and MSIX, the national Migrant Student Information Exchange System. Helps recruit potential parents by providing information to them about the various program services and benefits offered to enrolled children and families.


Identification and Recruitment

  1. Recruits and determines eligibility, fills out electronic Certificates of Eligibility (eCOEs).Recruitment will require flexible hours when families are available, including evenings and weekends. 
  2. Identifies, recruits and enrolls eligible children and families in the Migrant Education Program.
  3. Fully understands all forms pertaining to the job and how each form is to be correctly completed.
  4. Canvasses local recruitment areas for residence-based recruitment such as going door-to-door at migrant labor camps, housing near local farms, modest apartment complexes, hotels/motels, local trailer parks and single-family housing.
  5. Uses migratory student database lists with previous addresses to look for children who have been eligible in the past, as well as any new children who may be residing in the same area.
  6. Collaborates with Migrant & Seasonal Head Start, Migrant & Seasonal Child Care, Head Start, and Early Head Start to provide information to families.
  7. Conducts personal interviews with heads of potential households and other sources, completing the eCOE when appropriate.
  8. Determines family eligibility based on an interview with the head of household or another responsible person.
  9. Explains to families the educational, health, nutritional, and social benefits of the program and informs them of their civil rights.
  10. Provides information to parents about the various program services and their child’s program activities.
  11. Requests and records information on all documentation necessary to certify eligibility.
  12. Obtains parent/guardian/self-signature for all eligible families/individuals wherever possible.
  13. Completes first review of paper eCOE before submitting. Follows up on rejected COEs in a timely manner (within 24 hours).
  14. Submits electronic COEs within 12 hours.
  15. Maintains updates on tablet (or device).
  16. Creates and follows up on move notifications in MSIX as families move.
  17. Participates in regularly scheduled meetings, including online professional development meetings. 
  18. Enhances family/community awareness of the program through local advertising.
  19. Provides appropriate translation/interpretation necessary for effective communication.
  20. Collaborates directly with the Regional Recruiter to coordinate recruitment efforts in their assigned areas.
  21. Provides communication and coordinates with families to disseminate all program information, which relates to or involves the families.
  22. Maintains informed of family patterns, needs and issues. Identifies and proposes changes in services and/or service areas to meet needs. Communicates needs and issues to Migrant Education Program Services Manager.
  23. Records recruitment efforts daily in the recruitment log.
  24. Ensures all reports, including the Recruitment Logs, Recruitment Requests and Weekly reports are up to date.
  25. Other duties as assigned.

Resource Development

  1. Acts as a direct communication link between the project and families.
  2. Assists in the development and updating of the community resource directory to provide to families.
Minimum Requirements:
  1. Verbal and written bilingual skills; English and identified alternative language, i.e. Spanish, Karen, Somali, must pass bilingual test.
  2. Two years of experience working in a position responsible for recruitment, outreach, marketing, sales, or working with Migrant Education or Head Start in a similar role.
  3. Familiar with the culture and lifestyle of populations served, i.e.: migrant, seasonal, low-income and at-risk families.
  4. Comfortable working with computers, willing and able to learn program specific systems as needed for position.
  5. Initiative to independently identify potential families within the communities served.
  6. Reliable transportation to meet the needs of the position.
  7. Proof of valid driver’s license and current vehicle insurance coverage.
  8. Ability and willingness to work a schedule necessary to meet identification and recruitment needs, including evenings and weekends.
  9. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  10. Familiar with the geographical area within HS service area.
Benefit Package: